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Looks like Google will be launching the long-awaited Chromebook on 15 June 2011. This is pretty big news as this is Google’s launch of their Windows competitor. Chromebooks boot in 8 seconds and resume instantly. They are designed to get faster over time.

The only foreseeable problem is the price. Many were expecting these to be within the $200 range. But looks like it’s alot more expensive. The cheapest one seems to be the Acer at $349. Samsung is a little more expensive, up to $499. This places it in more serious competition with more capable laptops.

For Chrome OS to take off, it will have to be on devices that undercut the competition by a more significant margin. Subscription services might be more suitable for students and businesses. Currently it seems that monthly payments are only available via the enterprise solution.

The other problem is, Chromebooks and Android 3.0 tables appear to be in direct competition with one another. Which begs the question, is there to be a unifying of the two at some point in the future?

Moving on, Google fans will undoubtedly be happy about this, regardless of the price.

Will you buy a Google Chromebook? What about Google monitoring everything you do? Let us know what you think.


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Music beta allows you to add up to 20,000 songs to a full featured music manager. From there one can sync it to your phone, and all of this remains free, as long as the service remains in beta.

Music Beta automatically caches music on your phone, and you can select albums, artists and playlists to pin (or download to your phone) for offline listening.

Currently, you need to request an invite to join Google Music, so head here to get yours now. Perhaps this is another reason to switch to Android ;)

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